Mar 09, 2022

Alison Cook’s Burger Friday: ‘Umami bomb’ explodes at Burger-Chan near the Galleria

After a 16-month hiatus, Willet and Diane Feng have reopened their fabulous burger joint.

I’ve missed their distinctive, reasonably priced burgers since I last scarfed one sitting curbside outside Greenway Plaza, where the fancy Hub food court hosted their first kiosk.

The Fengs were struggling in that first pandemic summer, having seen a significant part of their customer base evaporate as Greenway’s office towers emptied out. After they closed, they operated out of chef Gabe Medina’s ghost kitchen concept, Click Virtual Food Hall.

Now their devoted corps of burger-obsessed regulars can dine in or outside at Burger-Chan’s sleek new spot in a West Alabama strip center. There’s plenty of free parking in front (which means no tickets to validate, a la Greenway). Burger-Chan is operating for limited hours during its current soft opening, so check the website for the latest postings.

Here’s how my visit went during week one. I know, I know. It’s better to let the kinks smooth out. But I just couldn’t wait.
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